Belle Nash and The Bath Souff 

as Narrated by William Keeling Esq.

“Perfect weekend reading”
Sir Ian McKellen, The Times

A tale of tea parties and corruption. Of lady spies in silk-lined carriages. Of enlightened citizens tired of bigotry and prejudice. And of a soufflé whose failure to rise triggers social upheaval never before seen in the fair city of Bath.

When clever Gaia Nash hosts her first dinner party after the untimely death of her adored husband, the meal does not go wholly to plan. A soufflé fails to rise.

Enter Belle Nash: city councillor, bachelor extraordinaire and grandson of Bath’s original Master of Ceremonies, Beau Nash.

Together with an eclectic group of lady friends, Belle explores the reasons for Gaia’s culinary mishap, only to expose intrigues that go to the heart of Regency Bath’s rotten judicial system.